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January 21
South of Wellesley

Auction Sale

Of Antiques, collectibles and miscellaneous items, to be held at the K.W. Khaki Club, 2939 Nafziger Rd. 2 miles South of Wellesley, @ 10:00 a.m. Antiques/Collectibles: Small tables. Oak pedestal coffee table (1/4 cut). Old wheel barrow. Cradle. Straw bee hive skep. Buggy Whip display ring. Buggy jacks. Burl mallet, and much more.

Gerber Auctions Ltd.

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Gerber Auctions Ltd.

Auctioneer(s): Murray Gerber, Greg Gerber
2827 Hutchison Road,
R.R. #1 Millbank ON
N0K 1L0
Tel:  Greg Gerber
Ph: 519-699-4451
Murray Gerber
Ph: 519-698-0138
Fax:  519-699-5849

Advertising Shows & Sales throughout Ontario Since 1935. Antiques & Collectables, Vintage Toys, Coke Memorabilia, Antique Glass, Comic Books, Militaria, Coins, Stamps, Automotive, Collector cards, Sports Memorabilia, Radios, Ephemera, Model Trains, Arts & Crafts, Flea Markets, and more!

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