Gardner Auctions

Bidding: Sun, Apr 25
Lots start to close SUNDAY APRIL 25, 2020 at 1 PM 1801 Dundas Street, London, ON. Large Variety of Items Including, Pet Supplies, Hardware Items, Office & Home Supplies, Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Electronics, Home-made Face Masks, Anti Bacterial Disinfectant , Home Decor, Furniture, Watches, Automotive Supplies, Android Boxes, Household Goods, Tools, Appliances, Video Games, Lawn & Garden, Office Products, Apparel, Toys & More at 1801 Dundas Street, ON N5W 3E6. WE ARE CURRENTLY CURBSIDE PICK UP ONLY. VISIT THE LOCATION AND THE TEAM WILL ASSIST YOU AT THE FRONT DOOR.… See More