Equipment Consignment Sale

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Equipment Consignment Sale:

Saturday October 24th, 10:00 am

554447 Mono-Amaranth TLine, Mono, ON Go west through Orangeville on Hwy 9 to County Rd 16 (Veterans Way at Greenwood Cemetery), turn north 5 miles to farm on East side. OR From Shelburne go east on Hwy 89 for 2 miles to Mono-Amaranth Townline, turn south & go 5 miles to farm on East side.

We are Accepting:   Tractors, Machinery, Equipment, Farm Related, Shop

Tractors: JD 2130 tractor, loader, 2 WD, bale spear, no cab, 3800 hrs; MF 50 tractor, gas, 4 brand new tires, excellent cond. Trailers:1995 Valore gooseneck slant load 2 horse trailer, tandem axle; 2003 McBride 3 horse gooseneck trailer, tandem axle Equip: Jaylor 4650, Rt discharge-VG condition; NH 195 manure spreader, dual axle-VG ; Gehl TDC 1475 round baler-twine, 4x5's; NH 717 harvester, hay head; V ditcher, 3pth; pony harrows; Wic weeder; Worksaver 3pth post hole auger; 3pth 6ft snowblower; Farm Rel: SS hopper feeder on rack, 2.5 tonne; roller mill, bale wagon, (2)hopper feeders; (2)40' van bodies-no undercarriage; grain cleaner; Gallagher HR5 hand-held tag reader; fanning mill; stationary feed mixer, no motor; bale elevator; 54' mow conveyor, 3 sections; Reid cattle chute, manual headgate; (2)Reid chute panels, 8'; Reid sliding alley gate; (10)steel I beam posts, 7 1/2 feet long; (2)steel I-beams(12"x14' & 10"x23'); qty T posts; qty railway ties; elec fence wire & insulators; 9ft slant bar manager panel; manual head gate  Shop Rel: Honda GVC 160 press washer, 2600 psi; side trimmer, pto drive Misc/HH: Ab Lounge 2 exerciser; John Deere 345 lawn tractor, 18hp, liquid cooled, hyd lift, power steering, 48" deck, with 44" Berco 2 stage snowblower;

2013 Weber Lane tandem dump trailer, 6'x12', 2300kg/axle; Tandem Axle 6'8"x14' trailer, bumper hitch, mesh floor; A&W(S. Arbour) construction trailer, tri-axle, red

Automatic Equipment Roller Mill; 3ft, 1-way disc; 3 sections diamond harrows & drawbar; John Deere A43, 2 furrow plow, restored; New Holland 791 manure spreader; 

Farm Related:
trailer frame, no deck, 5x16'-farm use only, XL tires; (4)hog feeders for wieners, plastic; 20ft pipe elevator; wood wagon; (2)gates (4' & 12'); Fuel tank with pump for back of pickup truck; qty good heavy chains - some new; heavy cable; Hunter wheel alignment system; Allen Test analyzer system; (2)tire changer machines; (2)Coats wheel balancers (1001 7 950); 2150C Wide Feed Welder; Rotunda Ford wheel balancer; lg shop compressor;  Thermo Scientific Furnace with digital control-new in box; bunk feeder; round bale feeder; 3pth bale spike; gravity wagon; Ritchie heated water bowl; trailer chassis; hay wagon chassis; tractor tire on rim; (2)gates- on with calf creep feed opening; stationary machine for turning brake rotors; 2100gaL round plastic water tank; 100L oval Rubbermaid water trough; (5)4'x2' galvanized panels for pigs; (2)hand reels with electric fence wire on; King Canada 12.5" planer; Motomaster air compressor; lawn mowers; wet/dry vac; roll of water line-new; Echo leaf blower; Power-Fist vise; Power Fist 210cc gas engine; car ramps; 

DeVilbiss VAV-5060 compressor; Coats 40-40SA tire changer; FMC 7600 Service tire changer; Nussbaum 9000lb car lift; Nussbaum Jumbo lift; Fordword 9000 car lift; lg qty various transmissions; qty rims; torch line on reel; (3)oil lines on reels; shocks; (+++)parts & automotive items; 1/4" Lexan - part skid; Mr. Heater, 125K BTU; 10" Delta basic bench saw; (2)skill saws; nails, sockets, tools, toolboxes; welding rods; JobMate drill press; speaker mirrors; hub caps; brake parts; tow truck light bars; 

(2) old steel wheels; (4)pcs wrought iron fence; Yardworks 21" mulch lawnmower; Yardworks 28" snowblower; Mastercraft 2spd 13hp rototiller; Honda 4 stroke 12" rototiller; wood glass TV stand; wrought iron outdoor 2 sided clock; (3)skunk traps; old fuel tanks for boats; 2002 Mercury 25hp, 2 stroke, elec start, long shaft outboard motor (turns over, does not run); antique pitcher & bowl sets; qty antique farm type items; Rabbit cage; propane mosquito killer; wood apple press; fancy steel bar sink-new in box; Stihl leaf blower; (3)old wash tubs; (4)lanterns; (3)demi-johns; box with antiques; (10)milk crates; (2)old wood boxes; bushel baskets; (2)Harley-Davidson side bags;

                COVERING IS REQUIRED. Sale limited to 100 persons**

Note: Please contact auctioneer if you are wanting to consign any equipment/items

**Watch the website as items will be added regularly**

Auctioneers: Kevin McArthur (519) 942-0264 Scott Bessey (519) 843-5083
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